Tired of being told there’s no name or treatment for your illness? That it’s all in your head or that your pain can’t be real because you’re too young/old/pretty/bright/healthy/normal to have a chronic disorder? What if instead there was someone who knew what you were going through and could teach you strategies for coping with rare chronic illness? 

You can turn pain into possibility with this life-changing book full of helpful resources that can help everyone with elusive hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), dysautonomia (POTS) and joint instability – from those newly diagnosed to those who have suffered in silence for decades. Wherever you are on your journey navigating the complexities of chronic illness, you are not alone.

In Holding It All Together When You’re Hypermobile, Christie Cox explores not only the physical effects of chronic illness but its emotional impact as well. As a fellow patient and medical rarity, known to doctors as zebras, she’s experienced her body’s betrayal and suffered through the myriad complications stemming from this disease. But she’s also found a way out from the depths of this life-altering disorder with wisdom you can turn into hope.

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Get your copy now! It's available and rose to the #1 spot in new releases on Amazon as the community responded to the need for resources on coping with Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS) and it's comorbidities. 

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